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Aristic Parfums is an exclusive perfume house dedicated to helping men live their lives without regrets. The philosophy behind Aristic is that scents can have powerful emotional and mental effects, and that using the right scents can contribute to a more positive mindset and greater life fulfillment.

The brand use an exclusive scent based method for improving psychological performance, to help men find the right fragrances that contribute to strong leadership, loyalty and ambition. Aristic believes this can help them achieve their life goals and improve their overall quality of life.

Aristic Founders Parfum


Artistic Hero’s Journey

Aristic Smell Parfum

Milestone 0 - Est. August 2020

Cousins ​​who together started to pursue their ambitions in the perfume world and linked it to their interests: fragrance, stoicism and psychology. Together they will embark on the hero's journey with you to make an impact on yourself and your environment.

Milestone I - October 2021

After intensive collaboration with the perfumer, the first fragrance testers landed in October. Exotic and luxurious ingredients have been chosen in the composition of the fragrance. This is the first physical product after months of visualizing the fragrance that symbolizes Ambition.

Aristic Parfum Samples
Aristic Parfum Smell

Milestone II - April 2022

For Aristic it is important that the community is involved in the development process. That is why we sat down with odor experts to come up with the ultimate formula together. Roos Lubbers has made a strong contribution to this with her years of experience and sublime nose. Various experts from the niche community have provided insights into the scent experience that have been included in the final version of Ambition. They are thanked for sharing their passion for fragrance.

Milestone III - January 2023

Together with the Aristic team it was a great experience to do a commercial shoot in Paris. The beauty and elegance of Paris matches well with Aristic's core values. Anthony as model and Giel as creative director really brought the spirit of Ambition to life. The shoot in Paris was a great success and Aristic looks forward to doing more campaigns like this in the future.

Aristic Parfum French
Aristic Event Launch

Milestone IV - July 2023

The Aristic Parfums launch event marked the introduction of their new fragrance, Ambition Parfum. Speakers took the stage to share insights about the perfume, describing its unique blend of scents and the story behind its creation. The event left attendees excited to experience the captivating Ambition Parfum and its inspiring journey.