The Journey

Scent psychology

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Walk through the 7 stages of your own Hero's Journey. Through scent psychology you go through the fire test and make sure you become the person you want to become.

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7 phases

The Hero’s Journey


Phase I - The Ambitious World
Ambition is like the start of a big adventure, making you feel there's more to life than the usual stuff.

Phase II - Meet the Mentor
Meeting a Mentor and creating synergy is crucial for turning vague dreams into a clear vision. This two-way relationship, like a tag team, strengthens both you and your mentor.

Courage Lion

Phase III - Crossing the threshold
Crossing the threshold into the special world requires a brave step fueled by courage in the Hero’s Journey.

Phase IV - Allies and Enemies
Determination acts as your compass, guiding you through challenges, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth, and propelling you forward on the journey toward your Ambitions.


Phase V - The trial by Fire
Trial by Fire challenges you to confront your deepest fears and weaknesses, requiring a reservoir of inner power.

Phase VI - The Ultimate Reward
The ultimate reward, representing not just external victories but the triumph over inner demons.

Return home Purpose

Phase VII - Return Home
Beyond personal success, the realization emerges that true happiness involves a desire to contribute to others